Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Isn't It Ironic

It has been nearly six days since we found out that my pregnancy stopped progressing, and probably many weeks since it actually did stop. And now, after nearly a week of waiting, only fifteen hours before my scheduled D&C procedure, it appears that my body has finally figured it out. I'm hoping the bleeding will stay light enough that I can hold out until 8 a.m. tomorrow morning and not end up in the E.R. tonight. I believe I will be in bed the majority of that time. I've got a bottle of Advil, a stack of undoubtedly bad romantic comedies, and thank goodness my parents are here to take care of Elan (and Mikhail and me too).

Thank you for the emails and phone calls. It is nice to feel the circle of friends and family around us at this time.


  1. Hang in there sister. Sending you so much love and strength. Love, Julie

  2. I hope things go well (enough) today bec. Hi to your mom & dad. They are so good to their daughters.

    love love love to you and to Mikhail.