Monday, May 17, 2010


A few days ago, I felt it. Like a goldfish swimming in a bowl, if your hands were the bowl so you could feel how the tail pushed the water. That's how I described the sensation to Mikhail. It was a little startlingly weird. I don't remember sensations like that with Elan; the first thing I felt with him was the sensation of popcorn popping, at about twenty weeks. They say first-time moms rarely recognize the earliest sensations (16-20 weeks) and second-time (or more) moms frequently do, and so feel the baby move earlier.

The baby!

It appears there's actually a baby in there. Or at least a personable goldfish.

And last week I swam laps twice, had two long walks (during which I felt very slow and tired pushing Elan in the stroller, but still), and went to prenatal yoga class for the first time. Yoga, how I have missed you! It was the perfect level class for a pregnant lady who has been too sick to do much exercising. And now I am sore, but not too sore. And I want to go to yoga class everyday.

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  1. Yay Bec! SO glad to hear things are finally feeling better up your way. I went to my first post-baby yoga class last week and it felt like a revelation. WHY did I wait so long??