Wednesday, June 2, 2010

19 weeks

I think this picture actually makes me look smaller than I am. Or smaller than I feel at least. But look - I'm smiling! Though I'm still not feeling fantastic, it is such a relief to be better.

We spent Memorial Day weekend camping on a farm and hanging out with friends north of Davis, California. My friend Janna is about 7 weeks ahead of me, pregnancy-wise. While our children played, our bumps were getting to know each other. I like how it looks like mine is pointing at hers.

Meanwhile, Elan and Anneke grooved along with the band.

And puppy-wrestled.

And fussed (well, Elan at least).

1 comment:

  1. Bec! You look so cute. I didn't know Janna was pregnant too! How fun for you guys.

    Elan is so grown up. He's like a young adult already.

    I have my See Kai Run shoes stashed away for the fall. Thanks for the tip. Brock thanks you too. I was running out of places to shop online.