Sunday, July 4, 2010

Moments, Lake Tahoe

Spend the afternoon. You can't take it with you.
-Annie Dillard

Lake Tahoe, 23 weeks

We spent a few days at Lake Tahoe with my parents, aka Nana & Babu, my sister Laura, brother-in-law Jason and their 9-month-old son Judah.

Laura, Jason & Judah

Judah and Elan are a study in contrasts. Judah is a great sleeper and loves to eat. Need I say more?

"Dude, can I have some of those?"
Judah covets Elan's crackers.

The boys are wearing my favorite kiddo hooded towels. They're super-soft, warm enough to take away a post-swim chill, breathable enough to play in, UPF 50, and if you want one in pink, they're on sale right now.

Elan slept across the hall from Judah. Guess who got up 6 times per night?

Drink of choice: Judah, baby sleeper extraordinaire, chugs his bottle while Nana sips her wine

Elan went bodysurfing in the lake. Which was not warm. His lips turned quite a lovely shade of purple. The water might have looked tropical, but it felt like snowmelt run-off. What is it that makes kids immune to cold when they're having fun?

Babu as lifeguard

Hope your weekend is filled with memorable moments.

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