Friday, August 27, 2010

ready for home

where we are now - so beautiful

I've always loved travel. But being gone for more than half of this August has been a bit much for me. At 32 weeks pregnant, my homing instinct is strong. I crave my own dishes in the sink, my own groceries (or lack of) in the fridge, my own bed (even if I do need to figure out how to soften it up for my aching-preggo hips). People have been good to me while we do our family-visiting; everyone has been helping me as much as possible. But I can feel in my bones that it is time to be home, to settle in, to give into the nesting instincts and my lists of projects, home and writing, swimming laps as frequently as possible and watching the seasons change from summer to Indian summer to autumn.

Pregnant with Elan, I felt this need to be off the road at 34 weeks, when we traveled north for a baby shower. So this time it has come sooner. But so many aspects of this pregnancy have been different from the first time around. It's all about constantly letting go of expectations. Like parenthood in general.

Soon we will be homeward-bound. I am hoping that coming home and starting up a more regular rhythm will help me regain some vitality and creativity, both of which have been mostly in hibernation this month as I pour so much energy into the outward-focused acts of travel and family visiting.

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