Thursday, December 9, 2010

baby torture

There's a fun new game round these parts. It's called torture the baby for our own amusement. Emry doesn't particularly like hats, but he'll tolerate them so long as they don't fall down over his eyes. Which this Peruvian one does, but it's so gorgeous we put it on him anyway.

Sometimes he doesn't notice the indignity.

Then there's his bear suit, which is skin-tight because it's a newborn size that fits "up to 7 pounds" and he weighs oh - about 12. But we stuffed him in there anyway, poor kid.

Can you blame us?

Luckily, Emry doesn't really mind our antics. He appears to be quite the performer. Here he is practicing his juggling. He's getting pretty good.

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  1. ahh, i haven't looked on here in so long and now i do and you guys have another baby! congratulations, he is adorable and i love hearing about your postpartum merriment. love to you all!