Sunday, February 6, 2011

february: building momentum

New Year's Resolution: losing 20 pounds, Month 2.

January was about getting going; February is about building momentum. At the end of January, I was feeling pretty good about my plan. I had lost 2 pounds, not much, but a start. I was thinking that if I just kept up a slow and steady pace, I might make my goal. So I made February about building momentum, keeping the same basic plan as January with the addition of eating more whole grains and fewer simple carbs.

Then February started, and my baby's cold became more disruptive to us both. When you're waking up every hour from 1 to 7 a.m., motivation gets a little fuzzy. I've been trying to stick to my plan as much as possible while being super-gentle with myself. So a little more easy energy with fast carbs, but still trying to not go crazy on the sugar and to be in motion every day, which is important for my psyche as well as my body. Keeping my eye on the (long-term) prize.

And in the meantime, I looked through my photos for an inspiration shot. This was taken at my sister's wedding in June 2008, when Elan was 19 months old. I had been doing Pilates on the machines and a stroller-exercise class. Elan had recently stopped nursing and my body didn't need to hold on to that last 5 pounds. I felt good about my post-partum body, especially given that I was the only bridesmaid (wearing super-clingy silk) who had had a baby.

Check out how gorgeous my sister the bride is!

Of course, at the end of the night, as I slumped on the couch exhausted at 2 a.m., the woman who was doing childcare for the kids asked me if I was expecting my second baby.

I did not hit her upside the head. That took some restraint.

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