Sunday, September 18, 2011

i think he missed me

My guys, from left: little one, big one, medium one
Semiahmoo, Washington, September 2011

I jetted down to southern California for a friend's wedding BY MYSELF. I can hardly remember the last time I spent flights reading a book and working on a photo album on my computer rather than juggling a grabby baby on my lap and a preschooler who invariably needs to poop just as the baby falls asleep nursing. I alternated between reveling in the luxury and sending slightly longing glances at other people's babies.

I was gone for slightly over 24 hours, during which time the baby spiked a fever and the older one decided he no longer is capable of being alone in any room in the night and thus fell asleep in the hallway. Twice in one night.

When I returned, I found a half-dozen white roses in a vase on the countertop.

My husband knows that white roses have traditionally been my favorite, but Elan was sure that I would want pink ones. My husband insisted on the white.

I think he missed me.


  1. so glad i got to see you at the wedding!