Sunday, October 16, 2011


Superhero on the beach, San Diego, July 2011

A conversation between Elan & me, on the topic of allergies:

"Mama, what am I allergic to?
"You're not allergic to anything, love." (thinking I'm delivering good news)
"That's not fair!"
"Oh, okay. Maybe you're allergic to... to... porcupines."
"Yeah! Remember when we saw that one at the zoo?"
"I wasn't very close to it, or I would have sneezed."
"Yeah. Good thing."
"For real, Mama?"
"Could be."
"No, I'm not allergic to porcupines. Know what I'm allergic to?"
"Signs! See, there's one there, and I'm just going to sneeze."

And then there was this zinger, also allergy-related:
"Mama, know what it means if you're gluten-free?"
"It means you're allergic to glue."


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