Wednesday, April 18, 2012

after the rain

After the rain
Outside my house, April 2012

Hello, April!

How did it get to be mid-April already?

Hello, blog!

I've missed you. I have no good excuses for my absence. Just the normal stuff.

Trying to fit too many things into too few hours.

A spring trip to San Diego to visit my family (Hello, beach, you are good for my soul!)

Starting the process of redesigning and relaunching my blog - thrilling & scary!

Keeping everyone dry through weeks of rain. Here in the Bay Area, we had almost no rain until March, and it's been dumping rain regularly since then. We even had a thunderstorm the other night with 750 strikes of lightning (really! according to the experts) and thunder that shook the house. Thankfully Elan had just fallen asleep when it started, since I think it would have taken hours for him to fall asleep if he saw that lightning!

Keeping up with my little walker, previously known as Baby Em, who is now a full-fledged toddler, with teeth and many opinions.

What happens when you take a 1 year old to Starbucks
What happens when you take a 1-year-old to Starbucks, March 2012

He stopped nursing, which just about broke my heart. It was sudden. I was not prepared.

More on that later, I just had to break my not-posting streak with a little Hello!

And a shot of my toddler {sigh, why do they grow up so fast??} -- if you look closely, you can see his beaver teeth making their way onto the scene.

Chillin, with 2 top teeth
Chillin at Starbucks, with 2 top teeth, March 2012

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  1. Love the shot of your little one standing on the table at Starbucks. Yes, you never know what they're going to be up to next!