Wednesday, June 13, 2012

beginner's mind

maple shadow
Shadow, Japanese maple, June 2012

Oh, hello.

I've missed you.

More on that later.

I've posted before about YogaToday, but I wanted to direct you to this week's free class (if you missed the free week for this class, you can buy any YogaToday class for a few dollars - you download it and it's yours to do whenever and however many times you want).

If you're a yoga novice, haven't practiced in a while, or are just in need of a centering/grounding activity, I recommend spending 50 minutes virtually transported to Sedona, Arizona. A lot of the classes on YogaToday are fairly strenuous and not appropriate for beginners, but this is a good class for beginners or experienced yoginis looking for a low-key class, say if you're under the weather or having a low-energy evening.

Or someone who feels in need of experiencing beginner's mind for a while.

That would be me, today. Maybe every day.

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