Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A First Conversation

On the tire swing with his friend Torben --

Elan: Torben, look at all the babies! (nods head toward four babies stretched out together on a blanket in the shade)

Torben: Wow. That's a lot of babies.

E: One two three four. Four babies.

T: Four babies!

E: You want to go to Little Farm, Torben?

T: Yeah! Chickens.

E: Cows.

T: Pigs.

E: Woosters

T: Giraffes.

E: Elephants.

They both nod in understanding, like: I got ya, dude.

T: We're on the swing.

E: With Mama.

T: Elan!

E: Torben!

T: Rebaca!

Giggles. Shrieks of excitement.

Now I know it's probably just because I'm related to one of them, but this was so darn cute. It went on for a while, the conversation rambling here and there, touching on their various obsessions (Elan is way into babies suddenly; Torben loves animals). This was the first time I have heard Elan follow a train of thought with another kid his age. A conversation! I was on the tire swing with them, which was why I had such a good listening vantage, and I called Torben's mom Karina over to witness it. Thanks for the picture, Karina.

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