Monday, April 13, 2009


refi paperwork what's the rate today? goddamn is that cat pee again? workout at the gym. pay at the meter. lunch cancelled. roofer's here. shit the baby isn't napping. beautiful day for a stroller walk. why aren't you sleeping? lunch rescheduled two weeks out. playdate on. no off. no on again. roofer needs to talk. for forty minutes. see that dry rot? go to sleep. can't tell if it's cat pee. use the expensive cleaner and hope. how many points if the house reappraises for how much less than we bought it for? do you have time to talk? now he's screaming mad. bank balance and bills due and i need to make some money. old doggie can't come just fluffy doggie. roofer report in the email inbox. shit, the baby still isn't sleeping. not that he's a baby toddler. consulting calls i can do this. two a.m. nightmares of rattlesnakes and wayward policeman and. who turned up the heat? old doggie didn't get the toddler to nap today. why is it so hot in here? kick the covers off and dream of toddler in trouble and wake up with the birds singing secrets and a fresh start it all over again.

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