Wednesday, November 3, 2010

totally in love

We are doing great here with the newborn nursing, sleeping and pooping regime. Even the sleeping part? Well, we are tired, but expectations are low so that so far, no complaints. And when I'm asleep, I'm sleeping better than I did for the last month of pregnancy.

We've had lots of wonderful helping hands around too, so that makes everything feel easier. Despite the fact that Elan still gets up before dawn, and Mikhail is still working at least part-time (no paternity leave or vacation time when you're doing contract work), I actually feel like there is a definite baby-moon vibe around the house, as there was when Elan was born, and that makes me so happy.

Emry spends a lot of time looking like this.

Scrunchy monkey.

I held you in my heart for so long, and now you're finally here in my arms.

Thanks to Kristina for the lovely photos.


  1. You two make exceptionally gorgeous sons. And I get to be their auntie!

  2. Tat last pic TOTALLY looks like Elan! Congrats! Soon they'll be fighting over girls! ;)