Thursday, March 31, 2011

who, me?

Should I try to explain my 2-week absence?

I fell off the blogging horse. I got overwhelmed. I tried to figure out a new way to post pictures, and couldn't do it in the 4-minute increments I had, so I gave up.

There. Now you know the exciting stuff.

Don't listen to what she's about to tell you.

Emry has a cold, just in time for his first flight on Saturday, just in time for me to fly alone with both the boys. And he was up most of the night last night - crying, fussing, nursing, restless. It was his worst night yet. It was quite unfortunate.

Who, me?

At 6 a.m., when he was crying unconsolably and refusing to nurse and just plain unhappy, I started to feel just a touch violent. I set the baby down on the bed and went to the guest room, where Mikhail often sleeps these days, and woke him up. This is why children have two parents, I said. You're on.

I am deeply suspicious of my mama's version of events.

I only needed about 15 minutes away for the anger to fade into plain old exhaustion. Luckily for me, since Elan was up and in the guest room bed with me within 10 minutes.

These are the moments when I wonder how single parents do it.

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