Friday, March 18, 2011

my little nugget

If Emry was on Twitter, this is what he'd tweet: "You know you're fat when your dada can froozle your shins."

In our family, froozle means to blow a raspberry, you know that thing you do when you can't resist squishy baby tummies, and, in our case, shins. A piece of terminology a la Mikhail's family.

Do you see that chin? Elan has it too. That's an Alper chin, a la Popa Al Alper, my mother's father, who is 101 years old. The ears, however, appear to be from my dad's side of the family, specifically my Grandpa Matty, who's in his 90s.

And for comparison, here's Elan at around the same age:

That's some strong genes.

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  1. omg, they look like the same baby. amazing!!!! he' so cute, bec.