Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Elan is lucky to have a great-grandma (my Grandma Syl, known as Bubbe in our household) who knits for him. This is a good thing since his mother has been known to set aside items that need a button sewn on for when her mother-in-law visits. 

Bubbe's creations started arriving when Elan was still tiny.

January 2007

Now he is tall, and quite long in the torso, much like his dada. Recently Bubbe made him this beautiful red sweater and a vest with the same yarn.

with Syl & Matty (Bubbe & Zaydeh) in January 2009

But he had already pretty much outgrown it. 

So she made him an oversized gray knit that I just love.

He wore it to nursery school today and came home covered in bits of leaf. Such a little boy.

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