Friday, March 13, 2009

Guest Star

Yesterday Elan's naptime (a.k.a. Mama's blogging time) was devoted to cooing over Anneke Jacoba Tolla, my dear friend Janna's 3-month-old daughter. Anneke is in that gorgeous newborn cuddly phase where she falls asleep on her mama's chest and coos adorably on a blanket and just generally stirs biological urgings in women who are already feeling a bit broody. I am not talking about anyone specific here. All generalities, people.

Janna Tolla (nee Woltil), with Anneke in the Moby wrap

When Elan was baby, I was a bit of a baby carrier-a-holic. I had a pouch, a ring sling, and an Ergo carrier, all bought within his first three months. I spent way too many hours online, searching for the perfect hands-free way to carry around my gosh he got heavy fast son. But somehow I missed the Moby wrap. Which just means: I get to buy another carrier next time! 


And I know this is hardly a news flash, but really - baby girls' clothing - can it get any cuter?

No, it can't.

When he woke up, Elan mostly ignored Anneke. Except when he almost stepped on her head. Twice. But that was an accident. We think.

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  1. Hey Becca, Found your blog through FB...hope you don't mind that I'm reading!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of Janna's daughter. She's soooo cute! (So is Elan, by the way...) And yes, girls clothes are adorable, but also threaten to break the bank. ;-)