Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bubsy Gardener

Elan helping me plant Corsican mint in a planter:

"Mama's going to dig a hole and then you can put the plant in."

Nods seriously. Watches intently as I dig a hole with the trowel.

"Okay, put the plant in the hole."

He thrusts the mint in the hole, roots up. "He's goin to bed."

I smile. "That's right. The plant is in bed. Turn it upside-down, so the green part is up."

He flips it. "He's tired. Going nighty night."

I laugh. "Now help Mama put the dirt back."

He pats down the dirt with his surprising large hands. "You puttin on a bwanket."

He peers down at the little dirt-speckled plant. "Here you go, pwant. Here's your bwanket. You thirsty? Want a dwink of water?"

And then I promptly melt into a pile of mush right there on the garden patio.

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