Wednesday, June 8, 2011

he's organized like that

Listening to a "Frog and Toad" story, Elan was fascinated by the part when Toad writes his list of things to do today.

"Here's where Mama writes her to-do lists," I said, showing him my stack of elaborately marked-up print-outs ensconced on a pink clipboard.

"I wanna turn," he said, grabbing a pen. "How do you spell Go To School?"

He wrote it.

"How do you spell Go Home?"

He wrote it.

"How do you spell Have A Snack?"

Things started to degrade. The H and the A migrated way up high; the V and the E got crossed out in frustration. By Snack, he gave up. But still - he wrote a list. It was too cute. And also, he can WRITE. It's both thrilling and terrifying.


Now if only he and all his writing & lists can get me organized enough that I can stop getting all these *$&%^ parking tickets.

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  1. dang, girl! look at your lists! holy....