Monday, June 27, 2011

a day that calls for cinnamon toast

When you have two sick kids, the big one with a mysterious rash that's appearing in symmetrical patches all around his body, the little one fussier than usual and waking up as soon as his Motrin wears off, it's a good morning to make cinnamon toast. I had it in my head to try Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Toast the Right Way, and I happened to have the perfect loaf of wheat bread.

When your kids are sick, and you're kind of sick yourself, it's especially important to take treat yourself well. Like making yourself cinnamon toast, eggs scrambled in the pan, and good coffee. And then managing to eat it while it's still semi-warm (though, admittedly, my coffee is now ice-cold).

Luckily, there's a doctor in the house.


Not sure he's qualified to make diagnoses though.


He always tells me the shot won't hurt.


I'm not sure I believe any doctor who tells you a shot won't hurt.

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