Saturday, February 25, 2012

they ate ice cream

I was working on Saturday afternoon when I received an email with the subject line "We got ice cream" and this photo:

My guys, February 2012

Things I love about this photo:

1) Elan's giant smile. He's been smiling more lately, as he comes out of post-op fog/fuss/upset, and as he sleeps better. Let me just say that again: AS HE SLEEPS BETTER. Ahhhhhh.

2) My husband's mini-mohawk. His hair doesn't look like that in real life. At least, not most of the time. But sometimes when it gets long, he runs his fingers through it a lot and then I call him the mad professor.

3) Emry, my little gremlin, cute whether his face is covered in chocolate or some other substance, since it almost always seems to be covered in something.

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