Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Costa Rica!

Riding the Tilden Steam Train, Berkeley, February 2012

We decided to take the leap into our first international travel with kids.

We picked Costa Rica because:
1) neither of us has been there and we both want to go;
2) it's Spanish speaking, and we miss speaking - and hearing - Spanish;
3) when I'm in a Latin American country I feel like I'm really away;
4) yet we've traveled enough in Latin America to feel fairly comfortable;
5) CR is developed enough and touristy enough that it doesn't seem too intimidating a place to travel with little ones;
6) it's got lots of cool nature, and we like nature; and
7) somehow we convinced our dear Irish friends, travelers extraordinaire, to go along with us.

8) Can you tell I've been writing a lot of grant applications lately?

If you've been, and especially if you've been with kiddos in tow, let me know -- Where would you go? Would you bring a stroller? And do you know any fabulous Costa Rican babysitters so that we can have some adult dinners that involve fruity cocktails and uninterrupted conversation?


  1. Okay, here's the kind of confusing answer I got from a friend of mine who lived in CR when she was in the Peace Corps. There's a confusing sentence in there about babysitting, but I think she means that once you choose where to go, let me know, and she can check with her family and friends there to see if they know of babysitters in those places. Kind of strange, but she's very trustworthy (professor of Spanish) and spends quite a bit of time in CR. Shoot me an email if you want/need more info or if you'd just like to get in touch with Genny directly. :-) melin44 (at) gmail (dot) com

    I'm jealous...we spent our honeymoon in Costa Rica!

    "With kids I would go to Manuel Antonio, Monteverde and Arenal Volcano. I don't know if local babysitters in those places but if she chooses the places I know people that might know babysitters there. If she is interested in places with pools for little kids then Playa Tamarindo has lots. Also the Marriot at Playa Hermosa is super nice and has a tour office right on the grounds."

  2. Thanks Mindy! Arenal and Monterverde are definitely on the list, and we were thinking about Manuel Antonio but worried it's too touristy for our taste. Though it will be "green season" (aka rainy season), so maybe less crowded than usual...