Thursday, January 13, 2011


There's a lot going on these days -- in my world, in my body, in my mind. I'm a little bit overwhelmed. Job & work stuff makes me stressed. Packing up the teeny tiny clothes that Emry, in his 2-month-old plumpness, has already outgrown makes me nostalgic. Elan has been doing an A+ job of pushing my buttons, and then I get mad, and then I get sad that I feel mad and overwhelmed and nostalgic and stressed. All at the same time.

Maybe there are some post-partum hormones going on there too.

Just maybe.

I found a post on The Pioneer Woman's blog that is gives me comfort & perspective right now. Maybe I'll make a daily practice of looking at these pictures. And doing yoga. Taking hot baths. Deep breathing.

You get the idea.

And though my perfect baby seems to be learning how to fuss (which makes me feel stressed, overwhelmed, sad & nostalgic), when he is happy (as he is now, cooing in his vibrating chair), in him I find solace.

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