Monday, January 3, 2011

welcome 2011!

It's raining in San Diego, but it's still the beach, and it's beautiful. Tonight Elan & I had a little steam in the jacuzzi at 5:30 p.m. which he thought was quite novel because it was dark. The pool and jacuzzi were lit up and it was so remarkably civilized to sit in the hot water and talk with my son about his day. He went to the science center with my parents and sister and nephew while Mikhail and I took Emry around on errands and *talked.* We've got some big talks going on this week as we envision what 2011 might hold for us. More on that later, when I've got my thoughts together & a faster Internet connection at my disposal.

For now, have you seen this incredible video that there's so much buzz about? It's good visual fodder for when you're feeling reflective, joyful, full-up of beauty (or want to feel that way).

Hope your first days of 2011 are lovely & full of grace.

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