Friday, May 22, 2009

Haven't Lost The Knack

I used to think I was good at packing for a trip. I used to pride myself at how neatly I could roll a week's wardrobe into a carry-on. But ever since having a child, it seems that I bring along possessions equal those of a small island nation to go away for an overnight. Packing light as a mom is a skill I am sorely lacking in.

This weekend I am going away with neither my husband nor my child, and I was curious to see if I could get back to my packing roots. I am happy to say that I haven't completely lost my packing mojo - it's just in offspring-induced hibernation. I've resurrected my old faithful red rolly carry-on, the first suitcase I ever bought for myself (it's sporting a new teal faux-leather luggage tag, just for kicks). Into old faithful I've fit all I will need for the long weekend, including heels for the wedding I'm going to. In addition I've got my over-the-shoulder computer bag, which seems remarkably empty without a portable DVD player, two extra movies, crayons and drawing paper, 4 board books, a sippy cup, doggie, diapers and wipes, a size 2T change of clothing, and bags full of half-crushed grapes and crackers. You mean all I need to fly is my wallet, a paperback, and a sweater? I am incredulous.

I didn't even skimp on clothes. I'm bringing one long sleeved-shirt per day, for heaven's sake! To Southern California in late May. Look at me being indulgent.

The best part of it is that nearly half my suitcase is taken up by a Crate & Barrel box with the bride and groom's gift. Not to mention a late mother's day hardback for my mom. Which means that means on the way home, I'll be traveling so light I'll be able to give a hand to the lady in line next to me, the one with her bag overflowing with crackers and grapes.

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