Thursday, May 14, 2009


Mikhail and I have been together eleven and a half years. It's a number that always shocks me, especially given that we're only 33 years old. It's safe to say that most of my adult life has been spent with this man by my side. The adventures we've had together range from starting our first jobs in San Francisco to epic travels through South America...

Anticipation of starting a family.

And then the huge milestone of actually becoming parents.

I always figured he'd be a good dad, but I am still surprised by what an amazing father he is.

Sometimes I take him for granted. Sorry about that, sweetie.

He is my rock. The one who waltzes with our son.

The one a chubby fist clings to.

Sometimes I can't believe my luck.


  1. An appropriate Ode. Sweetest thing ever. Thank you for opening your heart to let this spill out.

  2. So sweetly said!

    PS: I waltz with my daughter and she love it...always breaks out into giggles.