Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In Honor of Another Rainy Day

An unusual spring storm has brought us five days of rain. Before that, we had a spell of cold inhospitable wind. And before that, an 85-degree heat wave. The changeable weather has led to a new flurry of colds in our family. Elan led the pack, as usual, though thankfully his has so far been mild. Mine is coming on pretty badly today, so I leave you quickly to try to get in a nap during the precious naptime window, when the house is quiet and still and the world outside is soaked dark and shiny.

But first, in honor of the rain, which sometimes gets me down, but which is life-giving and necessary... Pictures from December, the heart of the rainy season, Elan at Tilden Park in one of the hats Mikhail and I brought back from Bolivia, for a child who then only existed as the proverbial gleam in his father's eye.

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